Does Your Workout Really Work For You

Does anyone see any problems with this statement, “Workouts that work”? It should hit you as a flawed statement for one quite simple reason. Do you know what the reason is?

Well, the statement is totally backwards. Instead you need to learn to believe in “Work Your Workouts”. This statement will produce power, effort, results, and success in your daily workouts.

The idea of workouts that work implies that most peoples’ workouts do not work, which is not an accurate statement. Most workouts, when done right, should be highly effective when you put in the utmost effort every day.

There are a few types of workouts that are extremely popular today. Let’s take a look at a few of these workouts and show some pitfalls in why these may not work.

Pilates is one of the hottest workout regimens these days. It focuses on building core strength and stability. You will find a long list of supporters and lovers of this workout program and for great reasons. It creates lean, long, flexible muscles. It uses a combination of light resistance and stretching to improve your body.

Where Pilates attracts a great number of detractors is when they start complaining it does not burn off their excess fat and improve their cardiovascular fitness. Their complaints while being correct are unwarranted. Pilates does exactly what is claims. It produces better core strength, flexibility, and power.

Some people claim exercise bikes are one of the workouts that work for everyone. Once again they are correct in many ways. An exercise bike is fabulous at burning calories, improving cardiovascular fitness, and improving leg muscles. It is terrible at building core strength, better abs, and overall physical power.

Perhaps the greatest definition of workouts that work which exists today comes from Crossfit. They define fitness as being able to do any activity with above average capability. Their idea of workouts which work requires you train in a multitude of methods including sports, resistance training, stretching, cardio fitness, and more.

You may beginning to wonder what the point of all this is. Workouts that work can only be defined by the goals you set for yourself. All workouts work for their intended purpose. You must define your goal and then select a workout to match it.

If you want bigger muscles and power then do not buy an exercise bike or treadmill get yourself a home gym filled with resistance exercises. If you want to lose weight and get lean then stay away from the weight equipment and focus on aerobic exercises like running, cycling, and rowing.

You are in charge of creating your own workouts that work, and then learning to work the workout. You will quickly discover all workouts work, the majority just happen to not match your chosen goals.

Get out the pictures of how you want to look. Write down your fitness goals. Think about what is required to hit those goals in terms of physical motion and intensity and then the answer to your question of choosing workouts that work will become very obvious. You will be able to spot the proper workout for you from a mile away.

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