Healthy Eating Ebook

I know the frustration of trying different diets without any visible result!

What if I told you that dieting was very simple?

You’d probably think I’m crazy or that I’m trying to sell you the “next big thing” weight-loss pill. It’s neither of those. I just found a system that worked for me and I decided to put it in an ebook and share it with people.

What’s in the book?

  • Balanced food chart and a low-down on the five main food groups
  • The age-old question “How Much to Eat?” answered
  • Calorie Intake Recommendation table
  • Information on why specific diets are BAD for you
  • The secret source of calories outed and busted
  • Butter vs margarine vs palm oil vs vegetable oils
  • Carbs, fibre and water
  • Food goodies and baddies
  • Calorie content in popular foods (table)

The key to healthy eating is balance. You’ll see this word scattered all around this ebook and I’ve done it on purpose.

Simply, I want you to memorise it. Take a pen and write this word on your forehead – then you’ll get the message each time you look in the mirror. Wait, no, don’t do it – it will make you look like a monkey 🙂

Measure Belly

Where is the catch?

There is none. You’ve got nothing to lose. The ebook is FREE and it doesn’t contain any controversial methods.

As a matter of fact, you could have figured this “system” out yourself. And then again, there is no system. My ebook is based on some maths and biology.

So, why do you need to give away your email address to download the ebook? Well, simply I’ve got something else up my sleeve or in the pipeline (depending on how we look at it) and if you find this healthy eating ebook valuable, you are going to enjoy this new thing as well.