Nothing Is More Important Than Your Health

There is almost nothing else in life more important that your health. Without your health, nothing else will matter. If you have millions of dollars but are sick and bed ridden, your money will do you little to no good. No matter what we have, or hope to have, it can’t be achieved or enjoyed without good health.

With our health being of the utmost importance, what should we do to help improve or maintain good health?

The first is commonly known, but rarely followed. It is most important that we are fueling our bodies with the right types of foods. In today’s fast food society, it is difficult to find healthy foods made from real, whole ingredients. Eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is important and gives you the vitamins and minerals you need to actively repair damaged cells in your body.

The second commonly known, rarely practised strategy is exercise. This could be as simple as walking each day around your neighbourhood or even playing chase with your children. Our bodies need to get some form of physical exercise each day. It is recommended that we get sixty minutes a day of cardiovascular exercise, but most people don’t come anywhere close to this number.

The third strategy we need to implement is to rest! Most of us are chronically sleep deprived and our bodies can’t keep up with all the strain.

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