How Yoga Exercises Help put Things in Perspective

I’m not one who is particularly fond of change – whether that be job changes, schedule changes, and especially this morning or the change from summer time. There always seems to be a struggle for me when change comes about, and it doesn’t seem to matter if that change is a good one – such as committing to doing yoga exercises reguralry – or a difficult one.

I always wanted to be one of those people that handled change with grace and acceptance… Usually, I handle it with a fit of hostility followed by abject fear. This is when I realize how much I still need my yoga and meditation practice! I try, usually with a bit of drama, to plow through whatever change I’m presented with and keep on going, but there was a time when this was not the case. There was a time when change would keep me locked in a tight ball of fear and I would implode my life to keep it from happening.

I’ve learned to handle life changes with a little less intensity through yoga and meditation. Although I may not handle change well, I no longer let it stop me from moving forward. I realize I may never truly like change, and it may always make me uncomfortable, but now I try to remember my practice – I try to come back to the breath and allow myself a little bit of space to find acceptance.

I realize that as much as I fear change it is always present and it’s what helps me become who I want to be – a more centered and peaceful person. Without change I wouldn’t be where I am today. So now I try to be grateful for the changes in my life. I may still wage an internal war against it at times, but coming back to my practice, I find my peace with it.

I will be thankful for the change. I will look at this change as positive…breathe in…breathe out…

I have spent some time pondering how I fit into my own individual TO DO list. The busier I get, the more I put my own health and well being on the back burner. The busier I get, the more my personal yoga practice suffers the blow.

Yet, the more chaos there is, the more I need that time on the mat – it’s what cultivates my sense of peace amid the chaos. With my practice I am more able to deal with the ongoing activities, meetings and the constant rush of “TO-DOs”. I am more present and more mentally available – more ‘tuned in’ if I get my personal yoga exercises in. And yet, that practice often becomes the “one more thing” I have to do. It gets pushed to the end of the list. Everything else takes priority.

I hear my friends say the same thing, “Not going to make it to the gym/yoga/walking this week, I’m just too busy.” If you think about it, what we’re saying when this happens is, “my health and well being are a low priority” or “in my list of TO-DOs, I become dispensable.” Rarely do our health and well being activities make it to the calendar. We have it in the back of our head that we need to go to the gym, take a walk or go to our yoga classes, but it probably doesn’t make it to the calendar. My goal for the upcoming months is to make my personal practice a priority-to put it near the top of my list – on my daily calendar and not turn it into an afterthought.

When your life gets busier, whether it’s back to school or heading into fall and the upcoming holidays – make yourself a priority. Put whatever healthful activity you choose on your calendar. If it’s a yoga class, program it into your calendar. If it’s a gym session – put it on the calendar. If it’s spending time having coffee with a friend – put it on the calendar. Make your mental and physical health as important as the myriad of other activities that make it to the To Do list. You are worth it!

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